Telescopic Excavators

Telescopic excavators facilitate work in modern steel plants, thus saving time and money. Our customers particularly appreciate the linear boom movement in this excavator, which was especially designed for demanding tasks. The innovative properties of telescopic excavators can be used for the break-out of slags as well as the cleaning of converters and pans in a metallurgical plant. Telescopic excavators are therefore indispensable in modern steelworks. Customers all over the world appreciate the innovative technology as well as the high-quality workmanship and flexible design of our models. The telescopic excavator is not only seeing increased use in metallurgical plants but also in road construction and landscaping. This highly efficient and versatile machine provides precise services for numerous special tasks. Whether digging deep trenches, levelling slopes, cleaning milled tunnels, a telescopic excavator of the latest generation is the right solution for these tasks. At Holtmann, highly efficient and innovative telescopic excavators form an essential part of our comprehensive and versatile range of offerings.

Rigid boom for particularly precise and robust excavation

In contrast to a classic hydraulic excavator, a telescopic excavator has a rigid boom. This design allows particularly precise work – even under difficult conditions. These extremely robust machines are therefore standard equipment in metallurgical plants around the world. Thanks to the rigid boom, such a model can deliver high tensile forces. It is therefore ideally suited for the removal of the slag as well as breaking-out – even at very high temperatures in the blast furnace. The use of a telescopic excavator is also recommended for difficult locations such as slopes.


Undercarriages of recognised brand manufacturers or in-house models

In addition to the boom, a high-quality, solid undercarriage of the excavator with wheel or crawler gear is essential for the overall quality of the construction machine. At Holtmann, you will receive telescopic excavators featuring only high-quality undercarriages and booms. For optional booms, we offer you our proven and flexible modular system with different lengths of stroke up to 6,500 mm. Depending on the application and the intended use, you can access various tools for the boom. The range includes milling, rippers, and blades as well as pneumatic and hydraulic hammers. You can also choose the undercarriage for your customised telescopic excavator: standard variants from Caterpillar and Liebherr or undercarriages designed by Holtmann.