The Roco X5 3 way split aggregate screen is the perfect sized unit for all general screening applications. With its wide choice of screen media and its quick setup time, the X5 is the perfect partner for any contractor, quarry operator, or sand and gravel application. With its impressively large Hopper and remote control tipping grid as standard, it is perfect for bulk feeding from wheel loaders or large excavators. With various hydraulic adjust angles on the screen box, the X5 can cater to all types of materials and is sure to clean and separate products in the most efficient way possible. The X5 outweighs its same class competition with its 4.33m /14ft through screening area.

Key Features

Large Hopper (8m³/10.4yd³)

Remote Control/Auto Tipping Grid

Fully Galvinised Catwalk/Service Platforms

Rinsing Kit Option

How It Works

Technical Specifications

SCREEN BOX:  14ft x 5ft / 4.33m x 1.52m

HOPPER VOLUME:  8m 3 / (10.4yd ³)


FEEDER BELT:  1050mm / 42”

DISCHARGE HEIGHT:  4.16m / 13 ft 8 “

Features & Benefits

  • Radio Remote Tipping Grid
  • CE Compliance Complete With Certificate.
  • Large Stockpiling Capacity

Spec Options

  • Two-Deck Vibrating Grid
  • Radio Remote Control
  • Screen Decks: Mesh Or Piano Wire
  • Dust Covers On Main And Discharge Belts
  • Washing/Rinsing option

Power Unit Options

  • Tier 3 – CAT 4.4 all JCB444 Diesel Max


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