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TANA (Oy) is a Finnish company that provides industry leading waste management equipment. TANA’s range of equipment is robust and cost effective with a variety of information management tools designed to optimise your business and processes.

Our Competitive Edge

Landfill Compactor

Up to 15% better compaction than any competitors

Better compaction results in extended landfill

The cost of a landfill is calculated per cubic meter. i.e. 10,000m3 landfill costs R100/cubic meter = R1,000,000 cost to construct landfill. If you have 15% better compaction you save 1,500m3 so you save R150,000

Double drum design allows for less passes to compact surface area, results in fuel savings and less wear and tear on compactor

The TANA machines on average achieve 20% better fuel savings over competitors

Why is this? Efficient Cummins engine and because the unit is hydrostatically driven. In addition we have 2 gearboxes for either drum vs 4 gearbox’s on the competitors for each of the 4 drums

Our proven fuel consumption in the field is between 26-32lts/hr on a 32ton compactor

If we save 8lts/hr against our competitors, this results in a monthly saving of 180hrs x 8lts x R13,12 = R18,892.80. And an annual saving of R226,713.60 to your bottom line

The TANA Protrack systems allows you to remotely monitor pressures, temperatures and drum speeds in live time, giving you oversight of your units while in the field.