The TANA Shark Waste Shredder is a versatile recycling asset designed for shredding a wide range of material customized to suit our clients needs. The Shark Shredder can shred a wide variety of materials, such as tyres, commercial & industrial waste, construction & demolition waste, solid recovered fuel, plastics, municipal solid waste, waste wood, household waste, mattresses and furniture, paper and other special materials.

How It Works

Electric Models

Stationary Waste Shredders

TANA Shark 220E

TANA Shark 440E

Diesel Driven Models

Mobile Waste Shredders On Tracks

TANA Shark 220DT/220DTeco

TANA Shark 440DT/440DTeco

Diesel Driven Models

Mobile Waste Shredders On Wheels (Semi Trailer)

TANA Shark 220D/220Deco

TANA Shark 440D/440Deco