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Stoking Machines

When things get hot, Holtmann’s stoking machines come into play. They are used in blast furnaces. Stoking machines distribute the materials in the blast furnace, tap gas-filled caverns, or crush slag bridges between electrodes.
Safety has top priority in this process! Stoking machines must therefore be especially compact, agile, easy to use, and quick to react. Holtmann’s modern stoking machines meet these demanding requirements. Our especially compact stoking machines are very easy to operate and feature precise movements. Precision and quick adjustment to changing situations are among the great advantages of these high-quality machines of the best Holtmann quality. In order to ensure the safety of the operator, the cab is fully protected.


Stoking machines as individual custom-made products or in a modular kit system

Especially when it comes to stoking machines, the individual requirements are particularly high. We therefore offer our international customers tailor-made equipment that is specially adapted to their work processes. Extensive communication with our customers is indispensable and therefore a key component of our company philosophy. Because only when we know your exact working requirements can we provide you with a stoking machine tailored to your needs. Simply describe your overall situation on-site with your specific requirements, or give us plans, sketches, or drawings of the local conditions. Together with you, we will develop the perfect Holtmann stoking machine for your application.

In addition to our customised products, our customers can also receive modular stoking machines. Our modular system offers you a variety of configurable components. This allows a largely flexible assembly of your stoking machine with regard to your location in the steelwork. When it comes to the drive of the stoking machines, we also offer you freely selectable alternatives for more flexibility and individual use. You can therefore choose between a diesel engine and an electro-hydraulic drive when ordering. Let us know your requirements, and you will receive the right product from our range of high-precision, safe, and economically effective stoking machines!