Ladle Milling Unit

A high-quality ladle milling machine from Holtmann is used when the layer of a steel ladle facing the fire, which is monolithically attached to the blast furnace, is milled off. High durability and guaranteed fire resistance are an absolute must for the efficiency and economy of the ladle milling machine. Holtmann has developed an innovative product for this purpose. This meets the highest standards of quality and resilience in this particular environment. The ladle milling machine is designed in such a way that only a maximum of 20 mm can be milled off. The steel ladle as a white monolith is perfectly prepared for subsequent re-laying. Thanks to this highly efficient ladle milling machine with added value for production in the steel mill, unprofitable downtimes (e.g. for repairs) are reduced. The durability of the continuous chuck is significantly and sustainably improved by the innovative technology of the Holtmann ladle milling machine. The amount of refractory material consumed is also considerably reduced. The economic efficiency of these innovative and effective made-in-Germany ladle milling machines is therefore considerable.


Robust and cost-saving ladle milling machines for innovative blast furnace technology

The clean milling of the ladle as a container for cast steel is an essential part of the interlocking processes of state-of-the-art steel production. Only in this way can the steel ladle, which serves as a metallurgical reactor and transport vessel, be used effectively and purposefully in the blast furnace. In the field of blast furnace technology, the state-of-the-art pans designed by Holtmann represent an innovative breakthrough. In times of international competition in the field of steel production, time and costs are becoming increasingly important factors for economic success. Here, Holtmann offers a significant improvement with its robust and compact yet highly flexible ladle milling machines, which can be adapted to the respective conditions of the steelwork. A wide range, extremely compact dimensions, and a significant increase in performance give this ultra-modern ladle milling machine added value. The product lives up to the harsh conditions in the area of the oven in many respects. In the innovative ladle milling machine from Holtmann, high functionality goes hand in hand with cost and time savings.