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Break-Out Machines

Smooth operating processes in steelworks and aluminium plants would be unthinkable without highly modern and technically sophisticated break-out machines. Holtmann offers break-out machines developed for steel and raw iron as well as the aluminium industry, respectively with their own concept. These highly specialised machines are intended for removing excess residues, slag and refractory materials, for example from steel and raw iron ladles. A precision break-out machine from Holtmann also reliably removes the slag from electric furnaces and converters as well as the spouts of mixer wagons. Both in hot and cold areas of raw iron plants, steelworks and aluminium plants, a break-out machine from Holtmann can be precisely adapted to the respective working environment and used economically.


Modular principle for more flexible and individual handling
The proven modular principle makes our machines for efficient and clean break-out extremely flexible and versatile in the face of individual conditions: rather than being rigid and standardised, the machines are modular and can be configured on a case-by-case basis. We also supply high quality and precise break-out machines in various sizes. With us, you as our customer are sure to find the product that meets your requirements and the profile of your steelworks or aluminium plant. You get the break-out machines you need in various series from A to AL depending on the point of use.


Holtmann A-series break-out machines for applications in raw iron plants and steelworks
A break-out machine for use in the harsh environment of raw iron plants and steelworks has to meet the highest standards in terms of robustness. This applies both to resistance against the extremely high temperatures in the blast furnace and to other harmful influences such as dust formation or falling fragments. A break-out machine from Holtmann is optimally and reliably protected against such external effects with special sealing/encapsulation. Damage and destruction are prevented by these additional protective devices incorporated in the design. Additional sealing positively affects smooth workflows without time restrictions and costly repairs. The economic benefit of such an extremely robust break-out machine is therefore apparent.


AL break-out machines from Holtmann for the aluminium industry
The special conditions in the aluminium industry demand a specific concept for the design of break-out machines especially for this sector. These models are more compact overall and smaller in size than their sister break-out machines for steelworks. The selection of add-on tools for AL series break-out machines available from us, tailored to fit the workflows in aluminium plants precisely, is a special feature. No matter what version of our high quality Holtmann break-out machines you choose, all of our products meet the highest occupational health and safety standards.